Supply Chain Management for Industries Across the Globe

Oleum is a dynamic, relationship-focused Supply Chain Management group that specializes in the procurement, handling, and distribution of materials and products used within the construction and energy industries.


From fleet management to “final-mile” delivery... a full suite of services to ensure customers’ operational efficiency and continuity.


While Oleum is most engaged in North America, our team has responded to customer needs in South America, Africa, and the Middle East.


Oleum’s customers work ‘round the clock, and so do we. Our team is available and proud to be of service, 24/7/365.

With an expansive industry network, Oleum’s team provides a host of different materials and products to satisfy a range of customer requirements.


Since our inception and throughout our growth, we have remained dedicated to the core values that set us apart from our competition.

OLEUM is...


Oleum was formed many years ago at the request and encouragement of a customer who found there to be a lack of genuinely service-oriented, relationship-focused Supply Chain Management vendors. Today, with many thousands of shipments managed and successfully executed, Oleum still prioritizes its customers’ needs and overall satisfaction above all else. Our team is aggressive and nimble, and we will always strive to deliver extreme value to customers and vendors alike.


Whether we are sourcing materials or operating at terminal locations, we at Oleum never allow safety to become an afterthought. Our teams engage regular material and site-specific training, and Oleum’s leadership constantly reviews both internal and external “best practices” to ensure compliance and effectiveness. Our team members maintain a host of certifications including but not limited to HAZWOPER, First Responder, DOT HazMat, and Confined Space Awareness.


Servicing 24/7/365 operations requires responsiveness, period. Our team takes pride in being available to our customers and vendors, and we work tirelessly to ensure that communications from Oleum are timely and completely transparent. We hate surprises. We aim for uninterrupted supply chains.


Operational consistency and efficiency often require “outside of the box” thinking. Strategies that have worked for years become stale and need adjustment or complete up-ending. Having experienced massive change and innovation within the industry over the past several years, our team firmly believes that no idea is too big, no strategy too bold. Success requires creativity and being open to new approaches.

Our team’s mission is to position every client just one call or click away from the solutions that they need to maintain efficient and profitable operations.