Tailored Materials and Product Offerings

In-Depth Market and Product Intelligence

We understand the differences between product types, where they originate, how they are manufactured, and the conditions under which they operate most effectively. Together, this encompassing knowledge-base positions Oleum to consistently and competitively service client needs throughout the world.

Natural Sands

Oleum offers a wide variety of natural sands that meet or exceed API/ISO specifications, and their delivery is executed based upon the customer’s specific job requirements. These sands originate at mines across North America, South America, and Asia.

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Resin-Coated Sands

The suite of resin-coated sands that we offer includes precurable, curable, and "hybrid" products.

Available in any gradation, including ORDER

Dust Control Coatings

In some instances, the nature or location of a job requires our clients to incorporate dust control measures for certain raw materials, including natural sands and clays. Oleum offers several low-cost dust suppressant options to further support our partners.

With a wide array of vendors and transportation provider relationships, Oleum's team is also able to procure a host of other materials, products, and equipment to serve even the most unique customer needs.

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