Supply Chain Management
and Distribution

Oleum is a dynamic, relationship-focused Supply Chain Management company with expertise in procuring, packaging, handling, and distributing bulk materials and goods.


From bulk procurement to packaging to final-mile delivery, Oleum offers a full suite of materials and services to ensure our clients' operational efficiency and continuity.


Oleum is prodominantly engaged in North America, but can and has responded to client needs around the globe, including South America, Africa, and the Middle East.


Oleum's customers work day and night, and so do we. Our team is proud to be available 24/7/365 to support clients' continued success.

With an expansive and expert network, Oleum's team can provide a variety of materials and products to satisfy a range of customer demands and preferences.


Since our inception and throughout our growth, Oleum has remained dedicated to a set of core values:


Oleum was formed many years ago at the request and encouragement of a client who struggled to find a genuinely service-oriented, relationship-focused Supply Chain Management provider. Oleum committed to meeting that client's 'call' and has since committed to meeting the 'calls' of many others. Today, with many thousands of shipments successfully executed, Oleum continues to prioritize client interests and goals. Our team is aggressive and nimble, and we always strive to deliver value.


Whether we are sourcing materials or operating at terminal locations, we at Oleum never allow safety to become an afterthought. Our teams engage regular material and site-specific training, and Oleum's leadership constantly reviews both internal and external “best practices” to ensure compliance and effectiveness. Our team members maintain a host of certifications including but not limited to HAZWOPER, First Responder, DOT HazMat, and Confined Space Awareness.


Servicing 24/7/365 operations requires responsiveness. Our team takes pride in being available to our clients, vendors, and other partners. We work tirelessly to ensure that communications from Oleum are timely and transparent. Our goal is a seamless and uninterrupted supply chain.


Operational consistency and efficiency require 'outside of the box' thinking. Strategies that have worked for years grow stale. Success requires creativity, being receptive to change, and decisive action when such change is appropriate.

Our mission is EXECUTION. Whether managing rail fleets or delivering materials to a jobsite, our team works tirelessly for our clients.